eisenstein-sound-years-criterion-collection-nikolai-cherkassov-dvd-cover-artEisenstein: The Sound Years

[DVD Boxed set]

The Criterion Collection (2001)

My video essay, “The History of Ivan” is one of the “Special Features.”


“For me, the major pioneering work in this vein appeared almost a decade ago, in 2001, by Joan Neuberger and Yuri Tsivian, in their separate “multimedia” essays about Eisenstein’s Ivan the Terrible on the Criterion DVDs devoted to that film’s two parts…. Together they’ve transformed my understanding and appreciation of Eisenstein’s masterpiece profoundly, far more than anything I’ve read about it before or since. Among other things, they show conclusively that the two parts of Ivan far from representing any cowardly retreat on Eisenstein’s part (as some early critics maintained), are among the most politically courageous films ever made by anyone.”

Jonathan Rosenbaum


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